WGES & BNES Round 1 Schedule

By 12th March 2019News

British National Enduro Series Round 1


WGES Mash Up Round 1


Afan Bryn Bettws Lodge

13th-14th April 2019



Saturday 13th April:

08:00 -18:30 Sign on open for both races


BNES practice:

08:30-11:30 & 15:30-17:00 Stages 1,2,3

(Stages 1,2,3, closed for Mash Up race from 11:30-15:30)

09:15 – 17:00 Stages 4,5


WGES Mash Up Round 1:

11:30-15:30 on stages 1,2,3


These stages are closed to all non Mash Up competitors during these times.

Those who have raced the mash up and wish to race the BNES on Saturday have until 18:30 to sign on and pay the £20 supplement to collect Sunday’s number board.

Sunday 14th April:

BNES Round 1:

Riders will leave in time and category order from the arena (podium) from 9:00am…



Please bring a credit or debit card to sign on as a deposit for you timing transponder

Please note there is NO PRACTICE or RIDING of taped trails from 09:00 Tuesday 9th April until 08:30 Saturday 13th April, If you are caught riding the taped trails within this timescale you will be disqualified and publicly branded an idiot!

Please direct any questions directly to gravityenduroworld@gmail.com

An please keep checking the website for updates as we get them.

Happy trails,

Charlie W