Stage map for round 4

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BAckdrop 2016 after afan_edited-1

Stage map for round 4 Afan Bryn Bettws on the 10th April.

Online entry is HERE

Stage 1:  Starts at the top of the Bike Park and take the left line, then left again, loops  right back on itself then follows the fence line down, keep heading left till you get to the wooden post (Single orange dot) bear right and look for the leaf covered line ( there is a massive tree across it at the moment which will be removed before the weekend) it then joins into left/right grassy berms before heading towards the gate to finish. (Old UKGE stage 4 without the boggy bit after the fireroad)

Stage 2: Zig Zags, from the trail marker post all the way to the bottom

Stage 3: 373 into the 4x track (UKGE seeding stage 2014 with the 3 bus stops after the 373 natural section) there is a stump to come out on the natural section to make it flow better.