Round 4 entry list

By 7th April 2016News

BAckdrop 2016 after afan_edited-1

Here is the entry list for round 4….

Any amendments can be done on the day if needs be and there will be entries on the day for those who missed the entry deadline.

See you all at the weekend

AFAN R4 Entry List

Elite Male Tom Cartigny Male BikestationUK ltd
Elite Male Paul Hawthorne Male Cuntosmtbswales
Elite Male Jonny Howe Male Marin Bikes
Elite Male Leigh Johnson Male Marin Stans No Tubes
Elite Male James Lawrence Male Lawrence Cycles
Elite Male Ruairi Phelan Male Bikesoup Bianchi
Elite Male Joe Taylor Male Mojo Suspension
Elite Male Joel Chidley Male Bird Cycleworks Factory Racing
Elite Male Nikki Whiles Male Marin stans no tubes
Elite Women Jessica Greaves Female Saddleback Ltd
Elite Women Monet-Rose Adams Female Wideopen Test Team
Elite Women Sally Evamy Female TroyLeeDesigns
Elite Women Ffion James Female Abergavenny RC
Elite Women Traharn Chidley Female Bird Cycleworks Factory Racing
Grand Vets Ian Charlton Male
Grand Vets Lawrence Curzon Male The riders guild
Grand Vets martyn green Male trace defrein
Grand Vets mark hampton Male
Grand Vets Martin Howe Male Marin Bikes
Grand Vets Ian Hutchinson Male Pedalhounds
Grand Vets Paul Hunt Male Pedalhounds
Grand Vets Paul Jacobs Male
Grand Vets Peter Mcnulty Male Trace Defrein colective
Grand Vets Greg Ogilvie Male Armourgel
Grand Vets Simon Roberts Male
Grand Vets Pip Sowden Male Krispycremedonuts+Thatchers
Hardtail Paul Buckley Male
Hardtail Francois Damseaux Male Whisper bikes fox hope trail works
Hardtail Tom Dunn Male Hot pursuit cycles/
Hardtail Simon Evamy Male Team ManBall Enduro Racing
Hardtail Russell Evans Male
Hardtail Adam Fieldsend Male RAFCA
Hardtail Mark Harris Male SHAMB
Hardtail Aaron Hill Male
Hardtail James Orsborn Male
Hardtail Roger Pallister Male RP Racing
Hardtail Daniel Phillips Male
Hardtail Tony Smith Male Strada Cycles
Hardtail Ben Pinnick Male Bird Sealskinz Factory Team
Hardtail Paul Williams Male
Master Stuart Adams Male Solent cycles
Master Paul Appleby Male
Master Justin Baker Male
Master Kirk Baynton Male Risca rider
Master Ryan Bevis Male The Bullls
Master Daniel Bevis Male The Bulls
Master Mark Brooks Male
Master Michael Brown Male
Master Guy Chandler Male
Master Peter Couldridge Male
Master Andrew Drane Male Combe Raiders
Master Andrew Dyer Male
Master Daniel Forder Male
Master Simon Gibbon Male
Master Lewis gronow Male
Master Morten Hanasand Male
Master Tim Hancock Male Gregory Giant’s handycock
Master Craig Hardwick Male
Master Michael Harrison Male Tamed Earth Bikes
Master Nathan Jerome Male
Master Jacob Garrod Male The Riders’ Guild
Master Gavin ward Male The Riders’ Guild
Master Ajay Jones Male Team skene Mojo ESP
Master Tomas Kupstys Male Bird Cycleworks
Master Linas Kupstys Male Bird Cycleworks
Master David Llewellyn Male Mountain Mania Cycles
Master Jon Medland Male
Master Rhys Evans Male Transfer
Master Nick Hill Male
Master trevor meloy Male trace defrein collective
Master Dan Pardesi Male
Master Tom Pearson Male
Master Mathew Pidgeon Male Gravity Project
Master Eifion Richards Male
Master Neil Ridley Male MDE
Master Ben Roberts Male
Master Sonny Roe Male RAF CC
Master Nick Siviter Male Granny’s ring
Master Mark Sterland Male BW CYCLING
Master Thomas Stone Male Shotbutnotdead
Master Alan Strang Male Team Moron
Master Gareth Suchecki Male Bike doctor
Master Robert Thomas Male
Master Dan Turner Male Team fast n loose
Master Sean Van Brantegem Male
Master jason williams Male Big biceps little legs
Master Christopher Williams Male
Master Christian Willson Male
Master Alex Zaffiro Male Team Fast n Loose
Master Women Juliet Elliot Female Fox
Master Women Jo Blake Female
Master Women Tracy Evans Female BIKEDOCTOR
Master Women Amy Thomas Female BIKE DOCTOR
Master Women Lindsay Hanley Female NX2MTB / Charge Clohting
Master Women Claire Lewis Female Aberdare MTB
Master Women Sarah Mckay Female Rush Cycles
Master Women Monika Pokora Female
Master Women Sasha Smith Female Strada Cycles
Senior Lewis Bradley Male Tredz/Giant Swansea
Senior Lewis Beever Male
Senior Nicholas Bentley Male
Senior Daryl Biles Male
Senior Joe Bremner-foord Male None
Senior Jack Callicott Male
Senior Sam Cobb Male
Senior Andy Cornelius Male Shamb
Senior Rhys Cross Male
Senior Ed Martin Male Whisper bikes fox hope
Senior Kyle Fletcher Male Don Skene Cycles/ Team Skene
Senior Tom Grundy Male Pure Darkness
Senior James Hadley Male
Senior gregory hampton Male
Senior Andrew Hancock Male
Senior callum harding Male RAF
Senior LEWIS HAWTHORNE Male Dt bicycles, extreme culture, mojo
Senior Christopher Maund Male
Senior Austin Jepsen Male
Senior Matthew Kear Male
Senior Chris Kenward Male
Senior Robert Langley Male
Senior Ryan Lewis Male Ride Bikes Wales
Senior Adam McNicholls Male
Senior Tomasz Michalka Male Gravity Revolt
Senior Jonathan Minchington Male
Senior Phillip Carder Male
Senior Ben Stallwood Male
Senior Steve Stokes Male Aberdare MTB
Senior Jamie Thorne Male
Senior Jordan Ward Male Rose
Senior John Crawford Male MTB Chalet
Senior Marley Winn Male UWTSD
Senior Women Emily Beckett Female
Senior Women Emily Deason Female Team Creation Cycles
Senior Women Kelly Guy Female
Senior Women Rebecca Parker Female
Senior Women Lucinda Smith Female MTB
Senior Women Bryony Stanfield Female EC Cycles
Space Space Space Space Space
U18 Carl Crowley Male Slam69
U18 shane davies Male team skene
U18 James Edwards Male swarf cycles/deity components
U18 Kyle Havard Male Don Skene Cycles / Team Skene
U18 Ashley Lewis Male Bike doctor
U18 Rhys Minett Male DT Bicycles / Extreme Culture
U18 Oliver Parton Male Pedalabikeaway/Cube/Raw Sports
U18 Mason Pritchard Male Team Skene
U18 Ben Townsend Male
U18 Bruce Willison Male D H Dads
U18 Women Megan James Female T-Mo
U18 Women Hattie Harnden Female T-MO Racing
Vets Seb Alder Male
Vets Nicky Blake Male
Vets Matthew Booker Male Trace Defrain Collective
Vets gary lewis Male
Vets Bradley Briggs Male The Riders Guild/Airport Autos
Vets Simon Dickie Male
Vets Andrew Etheridge Male
Vets Keith Evans Male BIKEDOCTOR
Vets Jess Gough Male
Vets Paul Greenway Male
Vets Keith Horsnell Male Team Skene
Vets Ian Howe Male
Vets Alex James Male Transporterland
Vets Carl Jennings Male Whyte Bikes
Vets Geoff Jones Male
Vets steve jones Male The Riders’ Guild
Vets James Jones Male Trace Defrein /Bikegoo
Vets William Langton Male Trace Defrein
Vets Anthony Lewis Male
Vets Paul Massey Male
Vets John Morgan Male Risca rider
Vets James Richards Male MTB Sprocket
Vets Mike Norman Male
Vets Marcin Zdzieblowski Male
Vets Andy Sadler Male NS Bikes | Hotlines | WTB | IXS
Vets Chris Schroder Male Team UK Enduro
Vets Graham Snook Male SHAMB
Vets Mark Thompson Male
Vets jonathan thorngate Male BIKE DOCTOR
Vets Richard Tilley Male Trail Works
Vets cristian tomlinson Male kona uk
Vets jason tompkins Male Team Lodge Cycles
Vets Michael Hodgson Male
Vets David Vine Male
Vets steven walton Male
Vets Will Willison Male D H Dads
Vets Dominic Wood Male Team Moron