Provisional Entry List For Round 5 Cwmcarn

By 1st October 2018News

Provisional entry list for the series final at Cwmcarn on the 28th October.

(updated 18/10/2018 16:15)

There are 6 entries left!

Enter Here!

Also we have quite a few Welsh Gravity T-Shirts left. Normally £10 each but we’ll be selling them off at £5 each!! so bring a few quid with you, first come first served 🙂

(Some colours and sizes have sold out)

Provisional race info is HERE



E-Bike Category James Davies
E-Bike Category Luc Badain
E-Bike Category Tom Chester-Master
E-Bike Category Michael Edwards
E-Bike Category Lee Howells
E-Bike Category rob keogh
E-Bike Category Carl Venter
E-Bike Category Jake Venter
E-Bike Category David Watk8ns
E-Bike Category Mike Thickens
E-Bike Category Joe Mallinson
E-Bike Category Richard Butters
E-Bike Category VIP VIP
E-Bike Category VIP VIP
E-Bike Category VIP VIP
E-Bike Category VIP VIP
Expert/Elite Men Harry Allen
Expert/Elite Men Kyle Farrow
Expert/Elite Men Damian Groves
Expert/Elite Men Nathan Foster
Expert/Elite Men Lewis Bradley
Expert/Elite Men Daniel Tay
Expert/Elite Men Kyle Hall
Expert/Elite Women Tracy Moseley
Expert/Elite Women Megan James
Expert/Elite Women Hattie Harnden
Expert/Elite Women Becky Cook
Expert/Elite Women Sarah Crellin
Grand Veteran Men martin backes
Grand Veteran Men Mike Barnett
Grand Veteran Men John Cobb
Grand Veteran Men Chris Cooke
Grand Veteran Men Jonny French
Grand Veteran Men Mick Stott
Grand Veteran Men Thomas Jensen
Grand Veteran Men Martin Leslie
Grand Veteran Men Mac Mackenzie
Grand Veteran Men Mark Pengilly
Grand Veteran Men Neil Pollington
Grand Veteran Men Clive Powell
Grand Veteran Men Mark Watson
Grand Veteran Men Paul Jacobs
Hardtail Category Craig Chapman
Hardtail Category Richard Greenfield
Hardtail Category Matthew Holden
Hardtail Category Rafe Holmes
Hardtail Category Guy Perring
Hardtail Category Tyler Pollington
Hardtail Category Chris Williams
Hardtail Category Tom Dunn
Junior Men Dan Slack
Junior Men Max Wiggins
Junior Men Jonny Ashley
Junior Men Ben Barnett
Junior Men Callum Blunt
Junior Men Tomás César de Sá
Junior Men Callum Chamberlain
Junior Men Joe Childs
Junior Men Tom Cleall
Junior Men Harry Denness
Junior Men George Dey
Junior Men Travis Diwell-Wilson
Junior Men Zechariah Ferguson
Junior Men Jack Garrett
Junior Men Ryan Gauntlett
Junior Men Christian Goodwin
Junior Men Jacob Gough
Junior Men George Harpin
Junior Men Owen Herbert-Jones
Junior Men Huw Higgins-Worrall
Junior Men Robby Johnston
Junior Men Elliot Jones
Junior Men Alex Jones
Junior Men Rhys Jones
Junior Men Kieran Kenney
Junior Men Joshua Lancett-Edwards
Junior Men Jack Little
Junior Men Michael Lloyd
Junior Men Alex Martin
Junior Men Joshua Munn
Junior Men Alex Powell
Junior Men Jayden Randell
Junior Men Liam Riss
Junior Men Harri Seabourne
Junior Men Aeddan Seaward
Junior Men Rupert Shaw
Junior Men Adam Slade
Junior Men Mihael Tomanic
Junior Men Morgan Tyrrell
Junior Men Jack Viner
Junior Men Matthew Wait
Junior Men Archie Wania
Junior Men Jamie White
Junior Men Henry Willison
Junior Men Gabe Wilson
Junior Men Daniel Mason-Rheinschmiedt
Junior Men Daniel Cope
Master Men Gareth Bezant
Master Men Liam Baggaley
Master Men Alex Bath
Master Men Kirk Baynton
Master Men Andrew Bourne
Master Men Toby Box
Master Men Al Cameron
Master Men Liam Chamberlain
Master Men Michael Chamley
Master Men Richard Chamley
Master Men Jamie Charlton
Master Men Andy Cocker
Master Men Kevin Cook
Master Men Jonny Cowles
Master Men James Coxhead
Master Men James Cuff
Master Men Ben Day
Master Men Ryan Dean
Master Men Paul Dudley
Master Men James Duncan
Master Men Andrew Dyer
Master Men Marc Eddon
Master Men matthew edwards
Master Men Gareth Evans
Master Men Chris Field
Master Men Joe Ford
Master Men Mark Foster
Master Men Jonny Garbutt
Master Men Tom Gibbs
Master Men Ben Greatorex
Master Men Craig Hardwick
Master Men Michal Hazucha
Master Men Tom Pofley
Master Men Brian Heffernan
Master Men William Heffernan
Master Men Nick Hobbs
Master Men Jon Hodson
Master Men Steven Holroyd
Master Men Luis Homer
Master Men Stuart Howard
Master Men Rikki Hynam
Master Men Dave Jaquin
Master Men Ben Jeakins
Master Men Lloyd Jiles
Master Men Matt Ingham
Master Men Nick Jones
Master Men Josh Jones
Master Men Damian Kendall
Master Men Dan Payne
Master Men Gary Kruba
Master Men Dave Lawson
Master Men Matthew Little
Master Men Laith Madlom
Master Men Brad Munton
Master Men Martin Peak
Master Men Tom Pearson
Master Men Alex Pollitt
Master Men Ollie Bennett
Master Men Daniel Richards
Master Men Andy Roberts
Master Men Joe Robson
Master Men Simon Shenton
Master Men Christopher Simmons
Master Men James Kmieciak
Master Men Jack Stevens
Master Men Alan Strang
Master Men David Thomas
Master Men Joseph Tucker
Master Men Daniel Turner
Master Men Paul Dudley
Master Men Rob Twitchell
Master Men Samuel Vine
Master Men Tim Viner
Master Men Toby Vye
Master Men Grant Walder
Master Men Paul Whitelegge
Master Men chris williams
Master Men Greg Wylie
Master Men Tomas Kupstys
Master Men Tom Dunn
Master Men Linas Kupstys
Master Women Helen Roddis
Master Women Abi Croshaw
Master Women rowena duffield
Master Women Ami Grindley
Master Women Clare Homer
Master Women Angela Laycock
Master Women Charlie Lyon
Master Women Iliana Portugues
Master Women Ellie Maxfield
Master Women Bern Sharp
Senior Men Fred Adams
Senior Men Adam Bedford
Senior Men Daniel Blaney
Senior Men Archie Box
Senior Men Will Bradbury
Senior Men Joe Bremner-Foord
Senior Men John Bullock
Senior Men Robert Butcher
Senior Men Charlie Butterworth
Senior Men Jack Callicott
Senior Men Finn Chapman
Senior Men Konrad Ciechanowski
Senior Men Will Cottrell
Senior Men Ben Cowles
Senior Men Lloyd Cross
Senior Men Ryan Deacon
Senior Men Jack Deeley
Senior Men Josh Dowley
Senior Men Elliot Downes
Senior Men Alex Drinkwater
Senior Men Jasper Edwards
Senior Men Bryn Edwards
Senior Men Sam Edwards
Senior Men Jack Evans
Senior Men Alistair Fothergill
Senior Men Morgan Gardener
Senior Men Liam Evans
Senior Men David Godden
Senior Men Evan Gordon
Senior Men Jack Halliday
Senior Men Sam Hartill
Senior Men Luke How
Senior Men Jack Husher
Senior Men Henrik Jensen
Senior Men Louis Johnson
Senior Men Lawrence Jones
Senior Men Nick Kavanagh
Senior Men Laurie Kent
Senior Men Sam Kiddy
Senior Men George Kimber
Senior Men Alex Kirk-Patrick
Senior Men Robert Langley
Senior Men Will Langley
Senior Men Robert Lefever
Senior Men Johnathan Lewis
Senior Men Andrew Mcdonnell
Senior Men Ryan Meehan
Senior Men Greg Melville
Senior Men Alex Mulvenna
Senior Men Marton Noseda
Senior Men Nat Nott
Senior Men Fraser Ogden
Senior Men Stanley Pritchard
Senior Men Oliver radford
Senior Men Elliott Raine
Senior Men Will Rowlands
Senior Men Alex Salmon
Senior Men Matt Shearn
Senior Men Cory Short
Senior Men Ben Stallwood
Senior Men Ben Townsend
Senior Men Sam Vernon
Senior Men Lewis Warrington
Senior Men Freddie Williams
Senior Men Darren Williams
Senior Men George Wise
Senior Men Elliot Woodhouse
Senior Men Jorda Wright
Senior Men Mike Thickens
Senior Men Jonny Howe
Senior Women Gillian Fletcher
Senior Women Danielle Freeman
Senior Women Alicia Hockin
Senior Women Georgia Leslie
Senior Women Jasmin Odell
Senior Women Daisy Sherwood
Senior Women Maria Bridges
Veteran Men Tim Andrews
Veteran Men Pete Anthoney
Veteran Men Dom Ash
Veteran Men Tony Wiggins
Veteran Men Jonny Atkinson
Veteran Men Iain Brookes
Veteran Men Matt Burridge
Veteran Men Gary Cannon
Veteran Men Jamie Charlton
Veteran Men Matt Cole
Veteran Men Spencer couse
Veteran Men Dan Dark
Veteran Men Joe Day
Veteran Men Paul Dodsley
Veteran Men Jason Doe
Veteran Men Andrew Lindsay
Veteran Men ross duffield
Veteran Men Gavin Flagg
Veteran Men Gez Gibbons
Veteran Men Jess Gough
Veteran Men Jonathan Hadley
Veteran Men Greig Higham
Veteran Men David Johnston
Veteran Men Steve Jones
Veteran Men geoff jones
Veteran Men Justin Lane
Veteran Men steven liggins
Veteran Men Alistair Lloyd
Veteran Men Paul Mackie
Veteran Men Thomas Masters
Veteran Men Nathan McCormick
Veteran Men John Morgan
Veteran Men Chris Morphew
Veteran Men John Newman
Veteran Men Gary O reilly
Veteran Men Paul Pickett
Veteran Men Gavin Powell
Veteran Men BEN RODICK
Veteran Men Keiron Ross
Veteran Men Chris Seaward
Veteran Men Kevin Sexton
Veteran Men Neil Slade
Veteran Men Stuart Smith
Veteran Men Paul Tambini
Veteran Men cristian tomlinson
Veteran Men Andrew Lindsay
Veteran Men Tim Warrender
Veteran Men jamie welsh
Veteran Men jamie king
Veteran Men Gary White
Veteran Men Paul Williams
Veteran Men Will Willison
Veteran Men Dominic Wood
Veteran Men Darrell Axford
Veteran Men Tim Williams
Veteran Women Renee Diwell
Veteran Women Katie Drake
Veteran Women Lindsay Hanley
Veteran Women Rene Stent
Veteran Women Joanna Tucker
Veteran Women Adel Tyson-bloor