Haibike Mash Up Round 1 Afan Info & stages

By 9th March 2020News

Haibike Welsh Gravity Enduro Series Round 1 

Still time to enter!


Entries will close at 22:00 Friday 27th March unless sold out prior.


We need 28 marshals for the event, if you fancy getting involved text me (Charlie) on 07791 465005 with your name.

Marshals will receive £50 cash to go towards their expenses as volunteers, you will need to be onsite for 09:00 for a briefing and to be assigned a marshal position , radio and hi-vis. We do not supply food or drink so please bring everything necessary for spending a few hours on the hill. You will be on your marshal points from 10:15 – 15:35 then after racing has finished we ask you to help clear down the stages; removing tape and poles as you walk up or down to your pick up point. Expect to be finished by 16:00.


Sunday 29th march 2020 10:30 – 15:30


Bryn Bettws Lodge
Gyfylchi Farm,
Port Talbot.
South Wales.
SA12 9SP

The venue is adjacent to a live harvesting site, please obey all forestry signage! you are racing and riding at your own risk!


Sat- Nav:  SA12 9SP to Pontrhdyfen then follow brown signs and race signs to the venue.

The venue is reached up a forest gravel track so drive carefully!


Parking & Camping:

Parking and camping are all in the top field below the 4x track, please follow signs and park responsibly with regard to your neighbour.

There are areas of hard standing for campers and large vans on the way up to the field.

Camping can be booked onsite when you arrive but there is plenty of space for everyone.


Phone: 01639 644037, 01639 642040 or Mobile 07772031093

Email: enquiries@brynbettws.com

LITTER!! Please take it home with you!

Food & Catering:

Hot food and drinks will be available all day in the lodge.

Toilets & Showers:

The main toilets & showers are situated  just on the left hand side as you approach the lodge.

There will also be portable toilets up in the event field for you to use throughout the weekend. (subject to entry numbers)


Sign on will be in Bryn Bettws Lodge at the back of the Cafeteria and your live times will be displayed here too!

Saturday 28th March: 15:30 – 17:00


Sunday 29th march: 08:45 onwards (sign on will be open all day)

You must bring a credit/debit card as a deposit for your timing transponder and race plate.

We are using re-usable number boards in 2020 with velcro straps!!

The timing chip and number board must be returned to sign on when you have finished racing in order to get a print out of your times.

You will not be allowed on the stages without a WGES 2020 number board fitted to your bike! This includes chaperones who must collect a separate number board as well.

The Timing Chip has to be fixed to the right fork leg as low as possible. For Lefty forks ask at Sign on.

Please return your timing transponder and race plate once you have finished all of your races.


Live timing: 10:30 – 15:30

Racing starts at 10:30 on all 3 stages at the same time and finishes at 15:30, all stages close at 15:35 so if you have not crossed the finish line by then you will not get a time.

You can race the stages as many times as you like in any order and with whoever you like.

WGES Stages:

Helmets are compulsory and must be worn at all times while riding a bike, they must also be secured properly at all times, they must carry a Snell, Kite mark or EN 1078.
If a rider is seen without their helmet on a transition whilst on their bike, a warning will be given, a second infringement of this and I will remove your number board & transponder and ask you to leave the site.
A full face helmet is NOT compulsory, but it is highly recommended.

All stages at the WGES are designed to be ridden by everyone! with that in mind there are no gap jumps, all features are rollable. There will be steep sections, rooty sections, rocky sections, pedally sections, muddy sections and everything you’d expect from natural trails to trail centre. Ride within your limits and enjoy yourself! this is a no pressure racing environment 🙂

Stage 1:

Blair Witch in to Crocodile

 “The Mountain Bike Chalet”

Stage 2:

2019 BNES S2

“Ride Southern Spain”

Stage 3:

2019 BNES S5

“Bird Cycleworks”

Stage map for 29th March 2020

Map is a representation of the stages, until they are fully taped and marked they are open to interpretation and are not easy to find in some cases.

On stage signs:

Stage Starts

Stage Finishes

Stage warning sign,  start and finish of each stage

Triple arrow down sign means the trail suddenly steepens or becomes more technical, Use caution.


There is no practice at the Mash Up, however you are free to ride the trails outside of live timing. Bear in mind we will be working on them and that they are open to all!. There are no marshals or medics on site until live timing begins on Sunday 29th March 10:30 – 15:30.



Ride responsibly and respect other users of the forest. Obey the forest code.

Protect and respect wildlife, plants and trees

When spending time in the forest, consider your surroundings and make sure that all plants and animals are left undisturbed.

Guard against all risks of fire

Dry weather makes it very easy for wildfires to start. Help us prevent this by not lighting campfires, only use BBQs where allowed and make sure any cigarettes are put out and disposed of properly. If you see a wildfire dial 999.

Keep dogs under control

We know the forest is an exciting place for any canine companion! That’s why it’s important to make sure your dog is under control at all times, for your dog’s safety, yourself and the safety of other visitors. Read the full Forest Dog Code here.

Take your litter home

Don’t be a rubbish visitor! Litter is unpleasant for visitors but can also cause damage to the landscape and wildlife. Most of our visitors take their litter with them, please do the same.

Make no unnecessary noise

Forests are a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Avoid disturbing wildlife and other visitors by keeping noise to a minimum. Ditch the loud music, any unnecessary shouting and revving of car engines and just enjoy the peace and quiet.

Take only memories away

Anything that belongs in the forest should stay in the forest. Respect the forest and the wildlife that lives there by leaving their home intact.

The forest is for everyone. Please be aware of other visitors

From young families to adventurous bike riders and dog walkers to bird watchers; we want everyone to enjoy their visit to our beautiful forests. Be considerate of other visitors when moving around the forest. Why not offer a smile and friendly greeting? Everyone should feel welcome!

Transition signs:

Please follow these signs, information regarding the destination will be on these too.

Caution Cycle Ahead means you are approaching a crossing point of a stage.

Podiums and Prizes:

There will be podiums for the top 3 in each category in Mash Up

Podiums at 16:00 approx

Attendance of podiums is compulsory or prizes will be forfeited.


Please bring a credit or debit card to sign on as a deposit for your timing transponder


Please direct any questions directly to Charlie at gravityenduroworld@gmail.com

And please keep checking the website for updates as we get them.

Happy trails,

Charlie Williams