Round 3 Entry List

By 11th May 2018News

Final start list for Round 3 of the Welsh Gravity Enduro Series to be held at Afan Bryn Bettws on the 20th May

Online entries are now closed but you can enter on the day! £50 cash only.

E-Bike Category Michael Edwards
E-Bike Category Sylvain Guintoli
E-Bike Category Steve Strutt
E-Bike Category Mike Thickens
E-Bike Category Joe Mallinson
Expert/Elite Men Damian Groves
Expert/Elite Men Will Soffe
Expert/Elite Men Simon Wakely
Expert/Elite Men Lewis Bradley
Expert/Elite Men Charles Jones
Expert/Elite Women katie wakely
Grand Veteran Men mark chipp
Grand Veteran Men Chris Cooke
Grand Veteran Men Dale Johnson
Grand Veteran Men alastair green
Grand Veteran Men David Gurnsey
Grand Veteran Men David Gurnsey
Grand Veteran Men Gareth Harris
Grand Veteran Men richard king
Grand Veteran Men Mac Mackenzie
Grand Veteran Men Neil Pollington
Grand Veteran Men Simon Roberts
Grand Veteran Men Ian Howe
Hardtail Category James Farrow
Hardtail Category Simon Hogg
Hardtail Category Matthew Holden
Hardtail Category Tyler Pollington
Hardtail Category Owen Street
Hardtail Category Lewis Thomas
Hardtail Category Tom Dunn
Hardtail Category Chris Blackmore
Junior Men Freddy Birchill
Junior Men Callum Blunt
Junior Men Joe Childs
Junior Men Carl Crowley
Junior Men George Dey
Junior Men Morgan Edwards
Junior Men Zac Ferguson
Junior Men Christian Goodwin
Junior Men Macsen Harrington
Junior Men Owen Herbert-Jones
Junior Men Will Holifield
Junior Men Jack Little
Junior Men Conor Paddy
Junior Men Jack Pritchard
Junior Men Harri Seabourne
Junior Men Aeddan Seaward
Junior Men Adam Slade
Junior Men Jack Strutt
Junior Men Sam Trezies
Junior Men Ewan McKenzie
Junior Men Josh Williams
Junior Men Henry Willison
Junior Men Gabe Wilson
Junior Men Daniel Mason-Rheinschmiedt
Junior Men Daniel Cope
Junior Men Morgan Tyrrell
Master Men David Bailey
Master Men Kirk Baynton
Master Men John Bennett
Master Men Ryan Bevis
Master Men Gareth Bezant
Master Men James Busby
Master Men Richard Chamley
Master Men Jamie Charlton
Master Men James Coxhead
Master Men Stephen Daly
Master Men Rob Daniels
Master Men Ryan Dean
Master Men Paul Dudley
Master Men Daniel Turner
Master Men Dan Evans
Master Men Nathan Evans
Master Men George Fletcher
Master Men Oscar Gonzalez
Master Men Craig Gould
Master Men simon hickie
Master Men Johnny Jones
Master Men Dale Jones
Master Men Barna Kocsis
Master Men Matthew Little
Master Men Laith Madlom
Master Men Graeme Martin
Master Men Brad Munton
Master Men Jimmy Nioxn
Master Men Robert Palmer
Master Men Gareth Parcell
Master Men Dan Pardesi
Master Men Tom Pearson
Master Men Matthew Pinches
Master Men jonathan reed
Master Men Andy Roberts
Master Men Richard Cleveley
Master Men Graham Stubbings
Master Men Adam Sturgess
Master Men Greg Spicer
Master Men Robert Sunley
Master Men Jako Szabolcs
Master Men David Thomas
Master Men Ric Tristram
Master Men Daniel Tsoulli
Master Men Robert Twitchell
Master Men Robert Wallace
Master Men Paul Whitelegge
Master Men craig williams
Master Men chris williams
Master Men mark wilson
Master Men Ryan Woakes
Master Men Greg Wylie
Master Men christian yap
Master Men Tomas Kupstys
Master Men Tom Dunn
Master Women Elizabeth Gath
Master Women Liz Greaves
Master Women Amy Murphy
Master Women Iliana Portugues
Master Women Rachael Gurney
Senior Men Christian Ball
Senior Men Luke Barber
Senior Men Adam Bedford
Senior Men Jack Bower
Senior Men Joe Bremner-Foord
Senior Men Robert Butcher
Senior Men Liam Christopher
Senior Men Troy Clarke
Senior Men Archie Clarke
Senior Men Sam Cobb
Senior Men Alex Drinkwater
Senior Men Peter Edmunds
Senior Men Bryn Edwards
Senior Men Tom Elms
Senior Men Nathan Enoch
Senior Men Kyle Fletcher
Senior Men David Godden
Senior Men Evan Gordon
Senior Men Sam Grainger
Senior Men Luke How
Senior Men Jonny Howe
Senior Men Max Jamieson
Senior Men Louis Johnson
Senior Men Kyle Johnson
Senior Men Ben Jones
Senior Men Ben Kelly
Senior Men Robert Langley
Senior Men Toby Lees
Senior Men Johnathan Lewis
Senior Men Philip Llewellyn
Senior Men Antony Lumia
Senior Men Moss Macriner
Senior Men James Dart
Senior Men Sam Marsh
Senior Men Nicholas Maurer
Senior Men Andrew Mcdonnell
Senior Men Ryan Meehan
Senior Men Greg Melville
Senior Men Samuel Mogey
Senior Men Alex Morris
Senior Men Mason Pritchard
Senior Men Ollie Radford
Senior Men Elliott Raine
Senior Men Reece Richards
Senior Men Ted Sanders
Senior Men JJ Scott
Senior Men Cory Short
Senior Men Joe Taylor
Senior Men Jamie Thorne
Senior Men Jake Van Der Veen
Senior Men Samuel Walsh
Senior Men Darren Williams
Senior Men Nathan Wood
Senior Men Robert Wright
Senior Men Mike Thickens
Senior Women Danielle Freeman
Senior Women Nicole Harris
Senior Women Alicia Hockin
Senior Women Rachel Manning
Senior Women Caja Parkes
Veteran Men Stephen Aldridge
Veteran Men Tim Andrews
Veteran Men Johnathan Barrett
Veteran Men Chris Blackmore
Veteran Men Andrew Bolton
Veteran Men Iain Brookes
Veteran Men Jamie Charlton
Veteran Men Andy Corp
Veteran Men Nick Dimmery
Veteran Men Paul Dodsley
Veteran Men Jason Doe
Veteran Men Andrew Drane
Veteran Men Darrel Dudley
Veteran Men Joe Durrant
Veteran Men Chris Evans
Veteran Men Alan Frater
Veteran Men Simon Gibbon
Veteran Men Phil Grosvenor
Veteran Men Jonathan Hadley
Veteran Men Greig Higham
Veteran Men Chris john
Veteran Men Lee Jones
Veteran Men Richard Jones
Veteran Men Justin Lane
Veteran Men steven liggins
Veteran Men Paul Mackie
Veteran Men stewart mahoney
Veteran Men Thomas Masters
Veteran Men John Newman
Veteran Men Nick Paddy
Veteran Men Carl Perry
Veteran Men peter phillips
Veteran Men chris Pill
Veteran Men Francesco Politi
Veteran Men Gavin Powell
Veteran Men Ben Rodick
Veteran Men Chris Seaward
Veteran Men Paul Tambini
Veteran Men Warren Tilke
Veteran Men cristian tomlinson
Veteran Men Chris Vincent
Veteran Men Tim Warrender
Veteran Men Paul Williams
Veteran Men Will Willison
Veteran Women Katie Drake
Veteran Women Adel Tyson-bloor